Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Dream High 2

An nyong haseyo...peh..ada drama baru ni..rasanya semua dah tahu pasal drama ni terutama kpd sesiapa yg dh pernah tgk drama Dream High musim pertama..tak sabar nak tgk cite ni..hihi..Drama ni masih lg ditayangkan di kbs2..

utk review bahasa melayu tggu aku tgk drama ni sampai abez, korang bace yg bi..asenya semua pandai bahasa inggeris..heheee

Plot Summary / Synopsis
A three-member idol girl group, HershE, transfers into Kirin Arts High School. The popular idol group has to team up with another boy group in school.
Kirin Arts high school was once a prestigious idol-training school. However, the school failed to produce stars past several years. Moreover, after going through excessive campus expansion, it is now in dire financial status and in danger to be shut down. The CEO is asking for help from Kang Cheol Seung, who is called ‘Hand of Midas’ in entertainment industry. As a solution, Kang Cheol Seung proposes to hold an audition offering a billion South Korean won to the winner and guaranteed admission to the participants who pass the preliminary.
Many comes for the audition. Pretty boy, Hae Sung, is trying to find his father! Armed with confidence, Jang Boa is ready to take judges’ spiteful remarks and achieve her dream as an idol star! Ko Shi Won is more concerned about his outfit than his singing on stage. He seems vain but actually innocent inside. Shin Nara came for an audition blinded by her love for Shi Won. Later, she discovers her talent as a singer. Let’s go on a rough journey to the miracle with these guys!
This drama shows how students of different backgrounds collaborate together and overcome challenges to achieve success.

Drama Title: Dream High 2 (Season 2)
Korean Title: 드림하이 시즌2
Romanization Pronunciation: Deurimhai Sijeun 2 / Deu-rim-ha-i Si-jeun2
Chinese Name: 星梦高飞2
Japanese Name: ドリームハイ2
Genre: Romance, musical
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Place: South Korea
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 30 January 2012
Language: Korean
Air time: Monday and Tuesday 9:55 PM


Kang So Ra (강소라) as Shin Hye Sung
2AM’s Jung Jin Woon (정진운) as Jin Yoo Jin
Yoo So Young (유소영) as Park Soon Dong
Kim Ji Soo (김지수) as Park Hong Joo
Jung Yeon Joo (정연주) as Yi Seul
Park Jin Young Jr (박진영) as Jung Wi Bong

Trailer Dream High 2..

* jangan lupa utk tengok.... =)


nanabyte said...

nana ske tengok. season 1 da khatam. sekrang tgh tgk season 2. wuuuu. besh sbb nana suke T-ara, Jiyeon~ <3

btw, kim_mie kun, u r tagged! sumimasen~

jangan mara~ ekeke (ღˇ◡ˇ)

profmie said...

ohw...saya pUn suka jg Jiyeon T-ara tu..hihi..ok2x..

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